The Category Is: How does Watson Work?

The Rensselaer community is invited to join with professors, scientists, and others from Rensselaer and IBM to watch as IBM’s Watson computer faces off against the two all-time Jeopardy! champions. The IBM Jeopardy! Challenge represents a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence, and is part of IBM’s centennial celebration. Named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, the supercomputer is one of the most advanced systems on Earth and was programmed by 25 IBM scientists over the last four years. The project team is led by David Ferrucci ’94, Principal Investigator, and includes a number of Rensselaer alumni. Chris Welty ’85, who earned all three of his degrees at Rensselaer and is a member of the IBM Watson algorithms team, is a former director of Rensselaer’s computer science laboratory. Welty and fellow IBM algorithm team member and Rensselaer graduate Adam Lally ’98 will join the Rensselaer audience at all three viewing events and discuss the technology behind Watson.